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Camping Tent With Rainfly - 3-4 Person - 82"L x 82"W x 57"H

Camping Tent With Rainfly - 3-4 Person - 82"L x 82"W x 57"H

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·DIMENSIONS: 82"L x 82"W x 57"H
3-4  person 
210D Oxford
4kg/ 7.7pounds

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FARMARK is a young and vibrant brand, born from an outdoor factory with a 21-year legacy. Our brand emerged from rich manufacturing experience and a deep love for the great outdoors. The founder, Jorah, is an avid outdoor enthusiast with a passion for hiking, mountaineering, and camping

Nature's Shelter

Explore the outdoors in comfort with our spacious and weather-resistant family tent. Easy to set up and featuring durable materials, it's perfect for memorable camping experiences.

  • Spacious Design

    With its generous interior space, the tent comfortably accommodates multiple occupants or ample gear, ensuring a comfortable and organized outdoor experience.

  • High Waterproof Grade

    Made from 210D Oxford with PU2000mm waterproof rating, effectively preventing water penetration for a dry interior.

  • Portable Convenience

    Includes a carry bag for easy transportation and storage, suitable for outdoor activities and camping.

  • Sturdy and Reliable

    Comes with guy ropes, stakes, and rainfly poles to enhance stability and durability.

  • Easy Setup

    Simple design for quick assembly and disassembly, suitable for users of various experience levels.

  • Versatile Use

    Designed for outdoor adventures, providing reliability and comfort in various weather conditions.

Instant Pole

Featuring innovative instant pole technology, this design allows for rapid setup with pre-attached poles that spring into place. Simply unfold and extend the poles to quickly pitch your tent, saving time and effort while ensuring a sturdy and reliable structure for immediate use during camping expeditions.

Lantern Hook

Conveniently located inside the tent, the lantern hook allows you to easily hang a light source for nighttime illumination, enhancing visibility and comfort during camping adventures.

Waterproof 2000-3000mm

With a waterproof rating of 2000-3000mm, it provides reliable protection against rain and moisture during inclement weather.

Rainfly Fixed Buckle

Designed for secure attachment, the rainfly fixed buckle system ensures the rainfly remains taut and in place, providing reliable protection against precipitation and enhancing the overall weather resistance of the tent.

UV50+ Protection

Constructed with materials offering UV50+ protection, it shields occupants from harmful sun rays, adding an extra layer of comfort and safety.

High Density Mesh Window

Enhances ventilation while keeping insects out, providing airflow and comfort inside the tent.

Pre-Attached Pole

Streamlining setup, the pre-attached pole system simplifies assembly, reducing time and effort required to pitch the tent, ensuring a quick and straightforward process for setting up camp.