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Foldable Cassette Stove

Foldable Cassette Stove

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About this item:

Adopting magnetic suction type overpressure valve, when the pressure inside the gas is too high, the gas will automatically fall off and cut off the gas supply.

HEAT CONDUCTING: At low temperature, the heat conducting sheet can be connected to the inner bracket and the gas , increasing by 9℃ to prevent insufficient vaporization due to low temperature.

APPLICABLE SCENES: This portable cassette stove is foldable design, which is convenient for storage and carrying, and suitable for outdoor picnics, family gatherings, hotel dining, etc.

METAL STRUCTURE: The furnace plate and linkage bracket are made of alloy, with a stainless steel outer ring, which is resistant to high temperature and , suitable for various environment.

AUTOMATIC LOCKING: After rotating the stove head 90 degrees, it can be locked for use. The is simple, convenient, and fast, and the bottom of the anti slip stove ensures stable placement.

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Efficient 2kW Blue Flame

Experience the power of a 2kW blue flame, designed to be low carbon and environmentally friendly. This efficient burner provides long-lasting endurance, ensuring you have reliable heat for all your needs. The concentrated 2kW blue flame focuses heat precisely, allowing for complete combustion and significantly improving fuel efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced heat output and optimal fuel utilization with our advanced blue flame technology. Perfect for those who value both performance and sustainability.

Magnetic Suction with Overpressure Safety

This product features a magnetic suction mechanism and a safety overpressure protection valve. When the pressure inside the gas canister becomes too high, the protection device activates automatically, disconnecting the gas bottle to ensure safety. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our advanced safety features are designed to provide maximum protection during use.

Automatic Locking Mechanism

Our product features an advanced auto-locking mechanism that securely locks the burner in place after a 90° rotation. This design ensures safe and stable use, allowing you to operate the stove with ease and efficiency. The convenient locking system simplifies the setup process, making it quick and user-friendly. Ideal for outdoor cooking and camping, this feature enhances both safety and functionality, providing a hassle-free experience.

  • 360° Wind Protection for Stable Combustion

    This burner features a 360° effective wind protection design that safeguards the flame and ensures stable combustion. No matter the size or shape of the cookware used on the stand, the windproof mechanism provides consistent performance.

  • Adjustable Flame Control with Piezo Ignition

    This burner features a stepless knob switch that allows you to freely adjust the flame intensity for precise cooking control. Equipped with a reliable piezo ignition system, it ensures quick and easy lighting, capable of approximately 12,000 ignitions.

  • Compact and Lightweight for Easy Travel

    This burner is designed with a compact and lightweight body, making it ideal for travel. Its small size ensures easy storage and convenient transportation. Perfect for camping, hiking, or road trips, this burner offers efficient cooking on the go. Enjoy the convenience of a portable kitchen with a design that's easy to carry and store.

  • Electronic Ignition and Adjustable Flame

    This burner is equipped with an electronic ignition switch, allowing for easy and reliable lighting every time. The flame intensity can be freely adjusted to suit your cooking needs, offering precise control over heat levels.
    Aluminum Alloy Burner Plate with Windproof Design

    The burner plate is made of durable aluminum alloy and features vertical flame outlets in the inner ring, which help to prevent wind interference and ensure consistent heat distribution. This design maximizes cooking efficiency and stability, making it perfect for outdoor use.

  • Linkage Support for Stability

    Our burner features a linkage support system designed to provide enhanced stability and prevent slipping. This ensures that your cookware remains secure and stable during use, even on uneven surfaces.
    Non-Slip Stove Feet

    The non-slip design of the stove feet guarantees a firm and steady position, preventing any unwanted movement. This feature ensures safety and reliability, making your cooking experience worry-free and enjoyable.